Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Redirect Sharepoint WebDAV network locations from http to https

As you probably know it is possible to connect to Sharepoint sites and doclibs via WebDAV in Wnidows explorer view, by creating new network location or by mapping new network drive to Sharepoint site. If your site works via http WebDAV will use http, if site uses https – WebDAV also will work over https. What if you want to force users to use https instead of http?

First of all you have to configure your Sharepoint stie to use https (purchase SSL certificate, install it on your IIS server, add https binding to Sharepoint site in IIS manager, change alternate access mappings in Central administration). After that you need to redirect traffic from http to https. In order to do that use URL Rewrite IIS module and add new blank rule which looks like this:


This rule will redirect http requests to https in browser. But also it will redirect http to https for WebDAV clients. If you will open fiddler and will try to open network location which uses http url then you will see something like that (test was done on Windows 10 client):

Request headers:

User-Agent: Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/10.0.16299

Response headers:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Where instead of will be url of your Sharepoint site. I.e. URL Rewrite IIS module successfully redirects traffic also for WebDAV.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Problem with sync delay between Azure AD and Sharepoint Online when Rest API is used

When you create user or group in Azure AD it is not immediately available in Sharepoint Online. I wrote about this problem here: Problem with delayed propagation of Azure AD groups to Sharepoint Online. In this post I will describe another interesting problem which may occur because of this delay.

Azure AD group members and owners may be retrieved with Graph API and with Rest API:

Graph AP endpoint:{groupId}/members

Rest API endpoint'{groupId}')/members?$select=displayName,id

where instead of you need to use url of your Sharepoint site.

The problem is that until Azure AD data won’t be fully synced to Sharepoint Online Rest API may return not correct data. E.g. /members endpoint may return actually owners, while /owners endpoint may not return users at all. Depending on how fast MS data center will propagate changes it may take up to several hours. So be aware about this problem.

The main advantage of Rest API endpoint is that it returns members count. While in Gtaph API $count query string parameter is not supported for users and groups: Use query parameters to customize responses:

Note: $count is not supported for collections of resources that derive from directoryObject like collections of users or groups.

So you may want to use Rest but notice that it may work incorrectly first several hours.